Ancestral Homes


Bandstand Magdalen YardA thriving port since medieval times, Dundee evolved to accommodate a diverse range of industry and the riverfront is once more metamorphosing in preparation to welcome the V&A Museum Dundee. It is a city with interesting architecture and churches, plenty of parks and green spaces all set on the banks of the River Tay.

Did your ancestors set sail from the harbour on one of the many ships carrying jute around the world? Were they one of the shipbuilders responsible for great vessels such as Scott’s RSS Discovery now berthed at Dundee? Are they buried in the Howff, an ancient graveyard gifted to the city by Mary Queen of Scots in 1564? Or did they work in one of the many textile factories that have been the backbone of Dundee’s commercial success. In more recent history they may have been employed by companies such as Keiller, Valentines or Timex.


Perth and the River Tay


Further up the Tay lies Perth, granted city status once more in 2012. A thriving centre of trade since the early Thirteenth century it is steeped in early history including the battle of the clans in 1396, the assassination of King James I in 1437 and John Knox’s sermon in 1559.


Black Watch tartan kilt



It is also home to the famous Black Watch Regiment Museum, a regiment that can trace its history back to 1725.  If your ancestors came from Perth and the surrounding area they will most likely have some connection to this famous regiment.


Surrounded by rich agricultural land you may find farming ancestors or perhaps they worked in one of the artisan trades connected to Perth. Were your ancestors one of the early craftsmen working as gold and silversmiths, gun makers or armourers? By the nineteenth century Perth was home to the linen, dyeing and bleaching industries. Maybe your kin worked in the glass factories, fished for salmon or were employed in the distillery business?

Agricultural Worker Images