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Happy New Year 2017

The festive period is always a fitting time to reflect on the past year but whatever your memories are of 2016 I hope you have recorded them somewhere.

Christmas Table 2016

I have been thinking of the Christmas traditions within our own family and how they evolve as we grow older.  This year our Hungarian hostess suggested we adopt the European tradition and we exchanged gifts on Christmas Eve, a new tradition to blend with the old.

How we celebrate today is very different from the Christmases of my childhood, spent with my Dad, Mum and two grandmothers.   Each year up to a dozen assorted family friends and distant relatives were squeezed around the dining room table.

Christmas Dinner c1960s

My parents, brought up in the inter-war years would have had a very different experience and I regret not asking them about their childhood memories of Christmas and New Year.  As both my grandfathers worked on estates they would have been lucky to have any time off but I do know that they always received a traditional Boxing Day gift from the wife of their employer.

As we research our ancestors it is easy to forget that our stories, traditions and where they originated from should also be preserved for future generations.   As you plan your genealogical goals for 2017 why not also include time to document your own family traditions.  Future genealogists will thank you for the insight into their ancestors’ lives!

Record your Family History